Advanced Topics

About This Manual

This manual requires that the reader is already familiar with the User Manual. Experience in the field of analytical programming is also needed.

This manual enables the user to use advanced data processing features and to program using Apache Spark.

More in-depth documentation for Apache Spark can be found here.

The credentials accessible with the code snippets used in this manual are public information. They do not grant access to protected resources, but only to non-sensitive information.

About Teragrep

Teragrep is built on the Apache Spark technology, and it uses Apache Zeppelin for interacting with Spark.

The language used by Teragrep is called the Data Processing Language (DPL). DPL has a native integration to the Teragrep Archive, so the user can intuitively search through and process the archived data. Implementing a total custom solution is also possible: all the processing flow elements are exposed for use in custom solutions, and they do not require the use of DPL.

Please note that the coverage and scale of DPL are far from final, and compatibility issues with other products using the same language do currently exist. Teragrep advices you to submit found issues to Teragrep’s Github.




Teragrep is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License with additional permissions and supplemented terms, which are detailed here.