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Teragrep creates graphs automatically after running a paragraph as long as the input contains an applicable database.

Each graph has its own set of controls at the top. Here you can also download your data either as a CSV or a TSV file.


Graph Options

Graph options

On the left edge of graph controls are buttons for switching between different chart types:

  1. Table View

  2. Bar Chart

    bar chart
  3. Pie Chart

    pie chart
  4. Area Chart

    area chart
  5. Line Chart

  6. Scatter Chart

Graph Settings

Graph settings can be expanded or collapsed from the right edge, next to the download button.

There are three available fields: Keys, Groups and Values. You can freely drag and drop different values to different fields to create different graphs.

When using a Bar Chart or an Area Chart, you have additional controls over how the values of the Y-axis are presented. With a Bar Chart, you can choose between Grouped and Stacked; with an Area Chart, you can choose between Stacked, Stream, and Expanded.

When using a Bar Chart, an Area Chart, or a Line Chart, you can also change how the values of the X-axis are labeled. You can show the labels horizontally, show them tilted, or hide them.

Graph settings