The Navbar

The Navbar is always located at the top and contains items that are always accessible. Clicking the Teragrep logo will always bring you back to the front page of Teragrep.

The Navbar also contains the following items:

  • The Notebook Menu

    The Notebook Menu contains a list of all the notebooks available to you and the option to quickly create a new notebook from anywhere in Teragrep. The search field in the menu filters the notebooks by their name.

    Notebook menu
  • The Job Link

    The Job Link is located next to the Notebook menu. You can use it to access the Job page. (See The Job Page.)

  • The Search Bar

    You can use the Search Bar to search through the contents of all notebooks. Clicking the search result opens the Notebook View and takes you to the correct paragraph. (See Paragraphs.)

  • The User Menu

    The User Menu is located at the right edge of the Navbar; next to it is the server connection indicator. If you haven’t logged in yet, the menu is replaced by the Login button. The User Menu contains the About Teragrep link, the Dark Mode toggle, and the Logout button. The rest of the menu items are only accessible to the administrator of your Teragrep installation.

    the user menu
    dark mode