Opening a notebook takes you to the Notebook View. This is where you can edit and work with individual notebooks.

Notebooks are composed of paragraphs. Each paragraph has two sections: the input section and the output section. The input section can contain text and code, while the output section contains the results after the notebook (or a paragraph) has been run. Text and code can be freely added to the input section.

You can add a paragraph above an existing paragraph by hovering your cursor above it and pressing the appearing button. All other paragraph manipulation is done by control buttons and the Paragraph Settings menu.

New notebook
Add paragraph

Paragraph Controls

Each paragraph has its own set of controls at the top:

  • Hide/Show Input

    The expand icon hides or shows your input section.

  • Hide/Show Output

    The book icon hides or shows your output section.

  • Paragraph Status

    Ready: the paragraph is ready to be run.

    Pending: the paragraph is processing the code.

    Finished: the paragraph has finished the output.

  • Run

    The play icon runs the paragraph. You can also abort the process while a paragraph is running.

Paragraph Settings

The cog icon at the right side of the paragraph controls contains the paragraph settings. The drop-down menu contains the following items:

  • Paragraph Identifier

    The paragraph’s unique identifier; you can copy it to the clipboard by clicking it. This is not the same thing as the title of the paragraph.

  • Width

    The width of the paragraph can be adjusted from 1 to 12. Wider paragraphs are good for coding, while you might want to use narrower paragraphs for reporting to fit more outputs on the same page. Narrower paragraphs can be arranged horizontally to each other.

  • Font Size

    The font size can be adjusted from 9 to 20.

  • Move Up/Down

    Move the paragraph up or down.

  • Insert New

    Create a new paragraph below the current paragraph.

  • Run All Above/Below

    Run all the paragraphs above or below the current paragraph. Paragraphs on the left are considered to be above of the paragraphs to their right.

  • Clone Paragraph

    Duplicate the current paragraph. The copy is inserted below the original.

  • Show/Hide Title

    Show or hide the title of the paragraph. Paragraph titles are useful for identification and reporting purposes; once created, the titles are retained even if the field is hidden later.

  • Show/Hide Line Numbers

    Show or hide line numbers in the input section. It’s recommended to use line numbers when coding.

    Show line numbers
  • Disable/Enable Run

    Prevent this paragraph from being run in the future. When the notebook is run, this paragraph will be skipped over.

  • Link This Paragraph

    Opens a separate browser window with just the output of this paragraph for sharing it to other people. The link will be public, depending on your server’s access settings.

  • Clear Output

    Clears the output of this paragraph.

  • Remove

    Deletes the selected paragraph. This can not be undone.

Paragraph settings