In table view, the data is generated into a table and sorted into columns based on the data.



You can sort results by clicking arrows next to column’s name.

example of table sorting

By default, results in the table view are sorted in the ascending order by the first table column.

Column visibility

You can toggle column visibility by clicking the drop-down menu button called 'column visibility'.

column visibility button

By default, all available table columns are visible. You can click column names in the drop-down menu to hide them.

toggled table columns


You can group your results by a table column.

table grouping

By default, grouping is set to none.


Filtering options are automatically generated based on results. When there is enough variety in results, the filtering menu will appear above the table.

filtering menu

You can filter results by a certain value which appears in results. Click the value you want to view in your results.

filtered results

By default, the filtering menu is collapsed. By clicking 'show all' you can toggle all menus visible. If you want to toggle only certain menus visible, click the chevron on top right of the menu.

collapsed filtering

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