Notebook View Modes

On Teragrep you can change your notebook view’s appearance. Available view modes are default, lite, simple, and report.

Click the drop-down menu on right side to change the view mode.


Only notebook’s owners and writers can change the view mode.

Default Mode

Like its name says, the default mode is selected by default when the notebook is created.

Default mode

In default mode all the notebook and paragraph controls are shown normally.

Lite Mode

In lite mode all the notebook and paragraph controls are visible but margins and paddings are reduced. This view enables smooth data exploring.

Lite mode

Simple Mode

In simple mode all paragraph controls are hidden by default. They will show up by hovering your cursor over a paragraph.

Simple mode

The mode is meant for distraction-free editing and reviewing.

Report Mode

In report mode all paragraph controls and code editors are completely hidden. The mode is meant for presenting the notebook or for printing it out.

Report mode

In report mode, you can only run all paragraphs, compare existing saves (but not make new ones) and search paragraphs.