Version Control

Next to the editing controls are the controls for version control.

version history button group

If a notebook has no saves, only save to version history button is visible from the button group. Other buttons in the button group become available after you create the first save.

Save to Version History

Create a new save of your changes to the version history by clicking the save icon.

create a save

Your save must have a name before you can create the save.

By default, all changes to notebooks are automatically saved to the server. However, if you want to separately view your change history, you need to create saves for the version history every time you make changes to your notebook. It’s recommended to save permanent, such as removing a paragraph or restoring a save file.

Version History

By clicking arrows icon next to save button will open version history view.

compare revisions

Use the drop-down menus on top left to pick two different saves of the notebook. Their paragraphs will show up in the left window as a list.

Each paragraph contains information of its own unique ID, title and used interpreter. If a paragraph has changes or is deleted a note will show up.

Click a paragraph to compare changes in the right window. Additions are highlighted in green and omissions in red.

Version Picker and Indicator

Next to version history button is a drop-down menu button which shows all saves that has been created for the notebook.

version picker

The main revision of the notebook is referred to as Head.

The name in drop-down menu button tells you which version of the notebook you are currently viewing. Use the drop-down menu to switch between different versions of the notebook.

You can go back to the latest version by clicking again Head in the list.

Restore the Save File

While you are reviewing a save from the version picker, you can restore it by clicking the circle arrow icon.

restore save button

After clicking the save restoring button, the previous Head revision will be replaced and cannot be restored. The only way to ensure the current Head revision isn’t lost is to create a new save before restoring another save from the version history.