Paragraph Controls

Each paragraph has its own set of controls at the top. The controls contain:

  • Hide/show editor

  • Hide/show output

  • Clone paragraph

  • Clear output

  • Show/hide title

  • Show/hide line numbers

  • Paragraph status

  • Run paragraph

There’s also icons for time-sets and paragraph settings.

Hide/Show Editor

The expand icon hides or shows your editor.

Only notebook owners and writers can see the editor but also toggle its visibility. Read more about permissions here.

Hide/Show Output

The book icon hides or shows your output section.

The output stays hidden if hide it before switching to report mode.

Clone Paragraph

Duplicate the selected paragraph. The copy is inserted below the original.

Clear Output

Clears the output of this paragraph.

Show/Hide Title

Show or hide the title of the paragraph. The default value for the title is 'Untitled'. You can edit the title by clicking it.

paragraph titles

Paragraph titles are useful for identification, in version control and reporting purposes; once created, the titles are retained even if the field is hidden later.

Show/Hide Line Numbers

Show or hide line numbers in the input section. It’s recommended to use line numbers when coding.

Show line numbers

Paragraph Status

There are six paragraph statuses:

  • Ready: the paragraph is ready to be run.

  • Pending: the paragraph is waiting other paragraphs to be run.

  • Running: the paragraph is running.

  • Finished: the paragraph has finished the output.

  • Error: there’s an error in the code.

  • Abort: either the paragraph couldn’t run or the run was stopped by a user.

Run Paragraph

The play icon runs the paragraph. You can also abort the process while a paragraph is running.