Area Chart

In area chart view the data is automatically generated into an area chart.

area chart

You can view exact values by hovering the area chart with your cursor.


You can stack, stream or expand your area chart data by clicking either Stacked, Stream or Expanded buttons.

example of grouping

Toggling Values

You can toggle which values are shown in the graph by clicking the value’s label.

toggle example for area chart


You can open table settings by clicking the cog icon on the right edge.

settings button

Arranging Data

In area chart settings there are three available fields:

  • Keys

    Defines which values are shown on x-axis

  • Groups

    Groups x-axis labels

  • Values

    Add either sum, count, avg, min or max to selected values

You can freely drag and drop different values to different fields to change the area chart’s appearance.

Area chart settings

Adjusting X-Axis

On below data arranging settings you can affect in x-axis' appearance.

X-axis settings

You can rotate or hide the x-axis in area charts. The rotation degree value is -45 by default.