The Notebook Action-Bar

On the top of a notebook are controls which you can use to edit or control your notebook.

notebook action-bar

You can see the notebook’s name on the top left.

Notebook’s name

You can hide or show the action-bar by clicking the chevron on the right.

Renaming the Notebook

If you’re an owner of the notebook (see Notebook Permissions.), you can rename the notebook by clicking its name.

Renaming a notebook

The Editing Controls

Next to the name of the notebook are the controls related to working with the notebook.

notebook editing controls
  • Run Notebook

    The play icon runs all paragraphs in the notebook.

  • Show / Hide Input

    The expand icon hides or shows all editors in all paragraphs.

  • Show / Hide Output

    The book icon hides or shows the output sections in all paragraphs.

  • Clear Output

    The eraser icon clears all outputs from all the paragraphs. This button is disabled when the notebook is running.

  • Clone Notebook

    The copy icon allows you to create a new clone of the notebook. You can give the new notebook a name and assign it to a folder (see Create a New Notebook).

  • Export This Notebook

    Download the notebook as a .zpln or a .ipynb file.

Find & Replace

The magnifying glass icon opens the Find & Replace drop-down menu.

find & replace

You can use Find & Replace to find a string of text or code from any part of your notebook, and it will show up highlighted. If there are multiple occasions of the same string, you can cycle through them using the arrows.

find Markdown string in paragraphs

You can replace the found string with a new one by writing a replacement in the Replace field. The Replace button replaces only the currently highlighted string, while the All button replaces all the instances of it in the notebook.

replace matching strings in paragraphs

Move to Trash

The trashcan icon moves the notebook into Trash folder (see section List of Notebooks).

move to trash

Only owners of the notebook can remove a notebook (see Notebook Permissions).


When other people are currently viewing or editing the notebook, an additional viewing indicator appears in the action-bar.

notebook’s viewers

You can see the list of users who are viewing the notebook by hovering the text.